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durlum Bespoke Metal Ceiling Shines at AMART Furniture Stores

Discover how durlum has collaborated to install striking bespoke metal ceilings in AMART Furniture stores, delivering on time and budget while continuing to maintain the brand’s unique look and feel.

In the world of retail, creating a distinctive and appealing shopping environment is crucial. AMART Furniture, an established name in the industry, understands the importance of a unique brand identity in its stores. The recently opened AMART Furniture stores in Bathurst and Warrawong, both showcase a well-designed durlum bespoke metal ceiling.

For AMART Bathurst, this remarkable installation is a testament to the combined efforts of durlum and Dunrite Linings, an award-winning partitions, linings, and cladding contractor with over 30 years of experience in the industry. When it came to the design brief for the Bathurst AMART store, speed and efficiency without compromising on quality was key to the success of this project. While a competitor’s metal ceiling was initially specified for the AMART Furniture project, durlum’s ability to meet shorter time frames without compromising quality ultimately won them this retail project. The project’s tight timeline and budget constraints were not a challenge for durlum and Dunrite Linings with our collaborative approach and commitment to excellence making all the difference.

Leveraging the knowledge acquired from the Bathurst store, the Warrawong AMART project, executed by DTR Projects, saw durlum elevating their offering by providing metal ceiling panels enhanced with light infill boxes. This not only ensured a flawless aesthetic by integrating seamlessly with the ceiling’s design but also accommodated essential services such as lighting and the sprinkler system, showcasing their innovative approach and attention to detail. For the Hervey Bay store we built on our installation knowledge again and on top of the lighting and services panel we developed a larger 400X200 panels that housed the AC unit which again improved the efficiency of installation and ensured a streamlined seamless aesthetic to the ceiling.

The durlum Geote open cell system

durlum faced a unique challenge in maintaining AMART’s brand identity throughout its stores. The distinctive AMART look includes a design where the furniture seamlessly follows the ceiling. To achieve this, the durlum Geote open cell system was chosen, allowing customers to see straight through to the plenum space above and as a result creating an open and industrial feel aligned to the brand.

Moreover, the AMART brand incorporates a specific blue perimeter throughout its stores. durlum were able to quickly deliver colour samples for approval, ensuring a perfect match, which demonstrates dedication to delivering a customised solution in record time. Also, to add to this above and beyond approach, AMART personalised touch-up paint was created and provided to accommodate any future touch-ups that may be needed. This paint was not only a perfect match but was also offered as an additional service to other contractors at the Warrawong AMART store, enabling all metal elements to colour match with the durlum metal ceiling panels, ensuring consistency in the store’s branding and aesthetic appeal.

Seamless integration of bespoke metal ceiling into rondo grid system

To ensure faster and seamless integration, durlum recommended and created the right size panel that fit perfectly inside the Rondo grid system. To ensure this was the best approach, a physical sample of the panel was provided for approval. durlum’s factory worked tirelessly to manufacture these panels rapidly, ensuring an efficient installation process, which meant there was no need for on-site cutting, resulting in a high-quality and seamless finish.

Speedy delivery and exceptional collaboration

One of the most impressive aspects of the AMART project was the speed of delivery and the quick installation process. Dunrite Linings, with their extensive experience, expertly handled the installation, making the process hassle-free. They were particularly impressed with the clearly labelled boxes, which facilitated a quicker and more efficient installation.

Innovation and flexibility

durlum’s commitment to innovation and flexibility was another key factor in the success of the AMART Furniture project. The unique metal ceiling panel sizes were created explicitly to fit the exact size of the lighting, which eliminated the need for on-site adjustments, accelerated the installation but also enhanced the overall appearance of the lighting features and, as a result of this forward thinking, this unique durlum metal ceiling will be used in many more future AMART retail store developments.

The collaboration between durlum, Dunrite Linings and AMART Furniture was a resounding success, resulting in a striking bespoke metal ceiling that perfectly complements the store’s unique brand identity. The efficient project delivery and the exceptional partnership between the two companies have laid the foundation for future AMART projects, ensuring that they continue to stand out in the competitive retail landscape.

The AMART Furniture store in Bathurst serves as a great example of the benefits of durlum bespoke metal ceilings and the power of a flexible and collaborative approach to ensuring the best outcome for the customer. “We were extremely impressed with the speed, quality and innovative thinking” said AMART Procurement Manager. As a result, this partnership has set a new standard for the retail industry and ensured durlum is now a preferred supplier, emphasizing the importance of an exceptional shopping environment in today’s retailer landscape.

When it comes to bringing grand designs to life, timing is everything. We keep our process in-house to save time and costs and ensure consistent high-quality service from start to finish. Our team of experts can turn around concept drawings quickly, while our own fabrication service means that samples are delivered to you promptly. Whether you’re after a standard metal ceiling solution or something entirely bespoke, our technical team has the expertise to bring your ideas to life. Contact us today for your bespoke metal ceiling project.

22 April 2024

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