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ALPOLIC™ – Premium quality on a continuous basis

Façades with ALPOLIC™ aluminium composite panels not only impress with their brilliant colours, but also with their extreme durability and high quality. This is due to the unique LUMIFLON™ surface coating based on a transparent fluoropolymer resin (FEVE). It is resistant to dirt and reliably protects against weathering, UV radiation, corrosion, oxidation and scratches. This significantly reduces maintenance costs.

ALPOLIC™ is currently the only brand to use this transparent protection of aluminium composite panels. A quality feature that pays off for our customers, because even after decades our aluminium composite panels look as colourfast and brilliant as on the day they were delivered. We therefore give our customers a quality guarantee of up to 20 years with a clear conscience.

Mitsubishi ALPOLIC NC/A1 products come with a 20 year full cover warranty (including rectification costs) with no maintenance required in order to maintain the warranty. No maintenance is an important distinction as there are other products on the market that require cleaning at least two times per year at a cost to the building owner. Not only is this a costly exercise, it reduces how environmentally friendly the building is.

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