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ALPOLIC™ – tested in the toughest fire tests

The protection of human life has top priority at ALPOLIC™. That is why we pay the utmost attention to fire safety in all our developments. Our aluminium composite panels are tested for their fire behaviour in the toughest tests. The tests provide us with important results on the basis of which we continuously adapt our product development to the safety requirements of the respective countries in coordination with national and European authorities. All with the clear goal of ensuring optimum safety for our customers.

ALPOLIC™ A1: highest fire protection classification

With the development of ALPOLIC™ A1 we are setting further standards in fire protection.

The core material consists of almost 100% non-combustible ingredients with a calorific value of less than 1 MJ/kg. It is currently the only composite material that has been classified for the highest fire protection class A1 according to the European fire protection standard EN 13501-1. This means that the material is non-combustible and does not develop any smoke in  case of fire. 

AS1530.1 testing for non-combustible facade cladding

AS1530.1 is a test for non-combustibility in Australia. Products are tested by putting them into a 750°C crucible and tested for half an hour with another 30 minute observation period (total test duration 1 hour). During that time the product cannot sustain a flame for longer than 5 seconds or have a temperature increase of 50°C and over from 750°C. Products such as bonded laminate materials (e.g. ALPOLIC NC/A1) are able to be tested with their individual components, each passing AS1530.1 respectively. If each part of the product passes it is considered “Deemed-to-Satisfy” under the BCA section C1.9 (e) (vii).

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